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They had pioneering treatment that saw them placed in an induced coma to protect their brain and allow them to survive long enough for immune system to produce antibodies.

Dana Scatton, 17, delivered a healthy baby girl last week after being given three to nine months to live in December.

Alyssa Alcaraz, 12, died in December when septic shock caused her organs to shut down from a strep infection in her blood.

The girl from California was misdiagnosed with the flu as both conditions share common symptoms.

For the first time, Joe Biden has acknowledged there could be a link between the pits and the cancer which killed his son Beau.

A book has tracked his son's exposure to carcinogenic fumes from pits in Iraq and Kosovo.

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Sarah Bladen lost her father to cancer, split from her boyfriend and lost her international career as an editor in a very short period of time.

Mrs Stringer, from Harrogate, told Mail Online that without painkillers she would be 'in a ball on the bed writhing around' because it is so painful.

The 42-year-old's comments come as a leading virologist predicts another cold snap will fuel the spread of 'Aussie flu' and 'kick cases into another orbit'.

Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper, 52, suffered a heart attack last year due to a genetic protein that caused his arteries to clog.

Diet and exercise cannot lower the levels of this dangerous protein.

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