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The development of the IMIS system is almost complete and UNFPA ESARO is therefore seeking the expertise of a qualified website designer to design interactive and user-friendly IMIS web pages.

This person would ensure that the website design and development is eye catching and delivers the relevant functionality and content for users in a way that is intuitive and achieves the IMIS goals.

The sources of and methodologies used for gathering population figures are relevant to understanding the quality of the population statistics, and should be included along with the statistical reports.

The most common population data collection methodologies used for reporting on population figures are the following: If a combination of several methodologies is used, these figures should be reported separately using the population reporting template, whenever possible.

It is essential for the integrity and credibility of an emergency response that partners use the same figures, to the extent possible.

When recent census data is lacking, data on the number of households or average household size and related statistics in a given region can be gathered through the following: The Information Manager will need to set and adhere to a known statistical format and frequency of reporting.

Define roles and responsibilities for reporting population figures at the onset of an emergency.

The most up-to-date population figures should appear in all reports, internal or external.

If updated population statistics were not available to be issued with a report, this should be noted in the report, along with the date for which the figures were valid.

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