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These names actually reflect the effect of the energy found at a specific vortex point.An electrical vortex is an energizing, activating location.Over 540,000 technological patent applications were made in the United States alone in 2012.21 November 2012: in a breakthrough for quantum cryptography, scientists send encoded quantum signals using a standard commercial fiber optic, potentially allowing near-unbreakable quantum data security to be commercialised.The Top 10 New Species 2013 was announced on by the International Institute for Species Exploration, commemorating unique species discovered during 2012. It can’t be seen or tasted and it doesn’t have an odor.

Ley lines transmit or receive energies around the globe.26 November 2012: a liquid natural gas tanker (example pictured) becomes the first large cargo vessel to attempt a winter crossing of the Arctic.As the Arctic sea ice melts in coming years, the sea route may become increasingly viable for large ships.The scientific community, however, has been able to shed some light on ley lines, grids and vortexes, even if they do not fully understand why certain things happen.These scientific acknowledgments include: unexplainable biochemical changes that occur when a person is at one of these centers and the fact that the energy centers and paths are all heavily charged with negative ions, even in the most arid climate conditions.

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