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By "obviously," he's implying that his music couldn't exist without black influences. And he has a son with a former girlfriend who is song is about kid rock's ex-girlfriend who had a baby that was fully black NOT mixed.

the rollingstone looked into this and wouldnot print false stories.

Kid Rock is not racist, I constantly use the N word, and am not afraid to say that tonight I had a really good time with a fine black woman, Kid Rocks style has changed through his career, but he has always been kid rock, just as a young mechanic such as myself doesn't have the experience of a seasoned mechanic, his style was raw, but that doesn't make it bad, and my 18 yo gf has 2 kids by 2 different men, the first one from me, although not interracial, i kinda know what kid is talkin about.

I can see why Chris from New Zealand called Kid Rock a racist...'cause in the song he used the 'N word'...which to me is the ugliest word in the dictionary..he a racist, I don't know. Stefanie Eulinberg has been Kid Rock's drummer from 1998 onwards & if Kid was racist he would not b able 2 tolerate being in the same band & touring with her & vice versa.

“I’m thinking of somebody else, trying not to be so selfish.” For those who don’t remember, Kid Rock was previously married to Anderson was also married to Motley Crue member, Tommy Lee and film producer, Rick Salomon.

So far, there are no wedding details for Kid Rock and Audrey Berry but we can expect the big day to be as secretive as their engagement.

Stay warm if you're also in this frigid, butt clenching cold!

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Recently the couple finally confirmed the rumors, and actually revealed that they got engaged earlier this year.

I can't believe nobody ever game me (grief)," he says.

"The reason I do stuff like that is obviously because I'm not a racist," he says.

However chris, your incredibly perceptive mind has seemed 2 ignore 1 simple fact... I could over simplify my explanation, as u chose 2 do with your posting, by asking u why he would date an African-American girl in the 1st place if he was racist, but instead i might actually include some FACTS: Fact Number 1; i'm not sure how much u know about Kid Rock, (from your posting i get the impression "not much" would b a suitable answer 2 that query) but on his album "Cocky" there was a bonus track called "W. Kid is a cool guy who deserves better than some skanky hoe like Pamela Anderson, who, after she dies, will have 2 b buried in a y-shaped coffin."I still use a rebel flag.

And it's kind of funny for someone to ask about, because I've never got any static for it.

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