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But after traveling Europe and researching the genocide, she felt it a strong pull toward preserving Jewish heritage and rituals. A 2013 PEW study revealed that the percentage of U. adults who say they are Jewish when asked about their religion has been cut by about half since the late 1950s.And more than half of Jewish Americans have married a non-Jewish spouse.“People are also commenting how much they love it and how relatable it is and also really discussing the characters – which is great because it shows they’re really invested in it.”Like Srugim did, Gottfried said she wants Soon By You to “portray different kinds of Modern Orthodox Jews.”“A lot of people assume we’re all the same, but we really want to show people on different sides of the spectrum – within Judaism in general and specifically within Modern Orthodoxy,” she said.“As the series continues, we’ll see how the characters have different practices – they’re not all observing in the same way; they have different struggles, their families are different and their dynamics are different.”The decision to make the affable David, played by Danny Hoffman, a rabbi, was a very conscious choice, said Gottfried.“In the media, rabbis are these old, bearded kind of people and we wanted to show a different side of it – something new that people haven’t really thought of before,” she said.And her next one will feature only male homosexual couples.

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“I felt there was a void in the Jewish community of Shabbat dinners in intimate homes,” she says.The crowd is hushed as Erin Davis a 30-year-old, waif-like blond, our host for the night, announces it’s time for ice breakers, where we’ll read funny and ironic facts about each other and guess who it could be.Later I’ll leave after arranging a date with an adorable man handpicked by Davis whom my mother would kvell—ahem, gush—over.In creating the series, Gottfried said she drew on her own experiences as well as stories from friends about the trials and tribulations of the Orthodox dating world.“The past few months I’ve really been completely focused on this project and it’s a lot of what I talk about – and a couple of times a guy has said ‘OK but you know but you can’t write about me,’” she said. sometimes I’ll just date for research,” she added with a laugh.“But I definitely take notes wherever I go now.”The experiences in The Setup, she said, “came from my worst nightmare date – which would be with Ben, and the opposite of that, a really great date, which would be with David.”That original episode was filmed close to a year ago, and Gottfried submitted it to a variety of festivals as a short film.

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