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There are many different ways to curate, in what some have called your social media mix.Check out this infographic for formulas to help you share a variety of content that will engage your followers: Social media content curation presents an awesome opportunity to tag the authors behind the pieces you’re sharing.This recognizes the talent you thought worthy enough to share with your followers while giving your audience the chance to discover even more engaging content.An easy way to start is to set up Feedly with the RSS feeds from your favorite blogs. You can easily curate content from anywhere on the interwebs right into your Co Schedule marketing calendar.Sharing more often helps you reach and engage more of the following you’ve worked so hard to build. But in the meantime, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the results we’ve analyzed so far: Want to use Click to Tweet on your blog? You can get 31.5 times more click-throughs when you share your content on social media more than once.Schedule It In Co Schedule There’s a brand-new feature coming to your favorite marketing calendar really soon. It fills in the gaps of your daily schedule (with smarts, and no manual guesses)! Let me rephrase that—you can get 3,150% more traffic to your content by scheduling a few more social messages to share your content with your followers.Schedule It With Co Schedule You can now tag easily as you write and schedule your social messages in Co Schedule.

You can increase your social shares and traffic (not to mention SEO value) by writing emotional headlines—and subsequently using researched the formulas behind the 1,000 most-shared headlines of 4,302,684 pieces of content shared through Co Schedule.

You can schedule many kinds of engaging social media content.

So tag the peeps you want to recognize in the social messages you write.

Here are a few ways to engage fans, friends, and influencers with your social accounts:.

Tag your fans, friends, followers, and those who inspire you to build an engaged community.

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