Girl gamer dating site online dating not replying meme

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Online dating is big business and so is video games.So why be surprised when a bunch of developers get together and bring the two together?– This site skews a little younger than OK Cupid, and the users are pretty active compared to most dating sites.

Comic books, video games and other self-described “geeky” interests have gone mainstream. In fact, geeks are cool, and most have no problem getting dates.

The geeky interests which make you you will be one of the most important factors the site uses when connecting you with potential matches. Finding a potential match is just one aspect of dating.

You also want to put your best food forward when you’re actually on the date.

Aside from simply listing your geeky interests, be sure to showcase your sense of humor, intelligence and anything else about yourself which will help you stand out from the crowd.

The rules for online profiles are the same as other online communications.

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