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Don’t forget all of the items that you have in storage or in your garage!You may be surprised by how long your list of possessions has become over the years.

Once again, creating a rational sorting process helps to soften the emotional blog of getting rid of your stuff and the emotions and memories associated with them. One simple way to quickly sort your items is to apply the “6 month test.” As you start to look through your possessions, ask yourself whether you have used each of them in the last 6 months.Note that the official LBC website features their own tracking system for your packages and money transfer or remittance.You may use their tools to track anything you send to and from the Philippines and other countries abroad to make sure they reach rightful people or your respective families on their destination address.After you resize, it’s a good idea to practice this test on an ongoing basis because downsizing is a way of life not a onetime activity.When it comes to downsizing, clothing can be an especially difficult category to deal with.

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