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You might find if you give your present system some TLC, it might perform a bit better than it has been.

I have a large compressor that works with a rooftop tower/condensor. When I google or wikipedia it, I get nothing confirming. Cody The bathroom ceiling is furred down to accommodate the airhandler in the ceiling space.And I'm sure it spins the meter pretty well..you fold the charge of running the plant into the rent? If you go to split systems you'll either need to get each apartment submetered, or figure out some way for them to cover added electrical charges for having 16 one to two ton compressor humming away all over your property. You are 100% right about the "FOF" and what *wasn't* done to keep the current system running well.You're right about the issue of my needing to run 240v as the current ones are 115.Any way you live in Houston and want some work Sadly I get a single electric bill. Or pay for line sets, electrical, 16 new OD units, drywall refinnishing, etc. Na, no one complains that a room or 2 are too hot as the cental air ducting is good.While this old junker I'm sure uses more electricity than a brand new system of it's time, I would assume it still uses less than 16 individual units no matter how efficient (am I right? The real problem comes when the main system breaks or the fact taht even when it's running, it doesn't cool *well*.

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