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In the future as a precaution you should delete from the system32\dllcache folder and then the one in system32.

Not many people know about this Windows feature so it's possible the fake Microsoft callers wont know what to do. The utility is on Hirens boot cd and it does have a syskey option.

On start up the windows icon appears and then a box shows up saying "this computer is configured to require a password in order to start up" This is a pic of the box, the keyboard and mouse stop working on this screen so it isn't possible to type at all, I've searched a few forums looking for a answer as i have no idea how to fix this, and the common answer i find is to use a bootable disk to get into the computer but the disks never seem to work (i've been using dvd disks im going to try a normal cd tomorrow when i can buy them) I get a black screen saying "reboot and select proper boot device" when i set the computer to boot from the disk. Hi, You can create a bootable flash drive like here: This should allow you to browse the flash drive and backup the files needed to a second hard drive.regardsmyrti Tell him he should have already be doing daily backups to a second physical drive or the cloud.

The os is a 32bit windows xp home edition, I can try and find more info if its needed. I use Beyond Compare for my daily backups and I keep my data on different partitions, not the OS partition.

You will also have to remove Windows~BT folder from C Drive.

After deleting these files, go to the BIOS (press DEL while booting up) and enable UEFI Boot before trying to upgrade again.

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