Boulder colorado dating site

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Somehow I found a match in the guy who has neither the same ski pass nor the same outdoor passion points as me. I go outside with my friends and don't have to worry about the romantic implications of the inevitable end-of-the-day long underwear stank.We have a ton of common interests to talk about beyond the powder forecast, and, even better, he doesn't judge me for enjoying the wrong type of sports.Sure, there seemed to be a high volume of puppies and six-pack abs in profile pictures, but I felt way more comfortable setting up blind dates with people here.

I knew I'd be traveling back to NYC for the festival in the summer, so from the start, I wasn't looking for anything too serious.The conversation moved to focus exclusively on the topics of muscles, protein, and #fitspo for the rest of dinner.From there I knew we would never be a fit (pass the burger and beer, please! I left that night intent on clicking towards more carb-friendly pastures.I've realized that I still need the balance of the urban and the outdoors, even here in Boulder, and Sam is the perfect adventure buddy for new breweries, restaurants, and cultural events.It turns out that what they say is true: a girl just can't say no to excogitative vocabulary.

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