10 years younger dating

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My girlfriend was impressed by my new do: ‘Well hello, handsome!’I couldn’t help but wonder what my dad would have thought of all this.That wouldn’t be a makeover, that would be a miracle.But, despite my doubts and worries, I realised I had to man up — and so should every man over 50.His generation didn’t do makeovers or ever use the word ‘metrosexual’.For them, grooming was something you did to horses — not yourself.And you should go for more muted colours than bright ones.’And what about the rest of me? The end result was startling — he managed to cut away the grey and the years.A good haircut is the best cosmetic surgery a man can get.

She arrived at the photographic studio with enough clothes to dress the Russian army and more shoes than Imelda Marcos could dream of.

Women over 40 have rightly complained of feeling ‘invisible’ to men. Sorry, guys, but it’s time for men to wake up and smell the anti-ageing cream — and start worrying about our wardrobe, too.

The days when men no longer needed to make an effort to look as attractive as possible are Over.

So, yes, it was partly vanity that made me agree to the Mail’s challenge to undergo a makeover aimed to make any man look ten years younger. The kind women think of as ‘sweet’ but sexless — and the kind who still have sex appeal, like actors Bill Nighy (66) or Liam Neeson (64). In short: I want to be shaggable till I’m at least 70. So what happened to the man with the wow wardrobe in the Eighties?

It’s not that I’m desperate to look young — I’m just desperate not to look old! Some men just drift into middle age, choosing comfy and casual, yet ending up looking dowdy and drab.

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